Lake Manyara National Park

Cradled in the glory of its surroundings below the sheer majesty of the Rift Valley wall, Lake Manyara lies serene, spreading in a heat haze backed by a thin green band of forest and the sheer 600 metre red and brown cliffs of the escarpment.

Hippo wallow near the lake‘s borders of sedge.  The park hosts 400 varieties of birds, including thousands of red-billed quelea flitting over the water like swarms of giant insects; pelicans, cormorants, and pink streaks of thousands of flamingo on their perpetual migration.

Within the Greatest African Rift Valley, the Lake Manyara National Park covers an area of 325 sq. kms. and consists five distinct vegetation zones with a wide range of flora. The park is famous for its tree climbing lions that often laze on the branches of acacia trees.

Manyara Park is sanctuary to elusive buffalos and hippos, giraffes, impalas, zebras, troops of baboons, elephants, reedbuck, waterbuck, blue and vervet monkeys and many more.

Lake Manyara itself is a magnet for large varieties of birdlife, other species can be found around its shores, including huge flocks of flamingoes.

The Hotels and Lodges are situated at the top of rift walls offering comfortable accommodations and spectacular views of the Park and the Lake. The park is ideal for a day trip, a four-wheel drive is recommended during the rains. The dry season is from June to September and January to February.

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Lake Manyara or Ngorongoro Crater

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